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"LIAR!!" The navy blue haired boy smacked the Phantomhive butler, his one showing blue eye, the other was covered up by a jet black eyepatch, glared coldly and painfully at him.
"Young ma--" Ciel interrupted him once more, smacking him across the face, more harder this time. "You said..T-That..!" He wanted to fall to his knees and cry, but no more would he show his weakness in front of a demon like him..!
Sebastian looked up at him, slightly annoyed but also hurt. "I didn't lie..I d--" "SHUT UP!" Ciel screamed at him, his fist tight in a ball, his nails digging in his skin, slightly drawing blood. He bared his teeth in both pain and hatred.
"I never..should've trusted you..o..OR LOVED YOU!!" He snapped, tears begging to fall. Sebastian looked away, not saying a word for a few heartbeats, finally he whispered, "Don't believe me..and you don't have to love me..but..I l--" "Don't say it.." Ciel didn't want to hear his lies anymore.
He let tears slightly fill his eye, ripping off his eyepatch, he threw it at the demon. "..Just go.." He growled. Sebastian stood up, his eyes filled with nothing but pain. He looked..hurt.. Ciel's looked down at the ground, not wanting to even look at him anymore.
Sebastian suddenly hugged him, Ciel fought to get out of his arms, "I SAID GO!! YOU DAMN DEMON!!!" He screamed, clawing his nails on the butler's chest, glaring up at him, cold. Sebastian bared his teeth, hurt, "I-I'm sorry my lord..I just needed to feel you one last time..embrace you.." He whispered, his voice cracked with pain.
Ciel silently gasped hearing the pain in his voice, but he pushed the demon butler away, his eyes still wide. "D..Don't try to fake it.." He whispered, looking away, tears now falling down his cheeks. Sebastian nodded, slowly. "Y..Yes.." He whispered.
Ciel took a step, slowly towards him, "you lied t-to me.." He started, "..hurt me..i can't..d-deal with this.." he then fell to his knees. Sebastian bowed down to his height, his eyes wide in both pain and shock now. "C-Ciel!" He stammered, holding the boy's shoulders.
Ciel slowly looked up at him, still crying, still hurting. Sebastian's eyes soften slightly, "A..Are you..o-okay..?" He asked. Ciel shook his head, "No..I-I'm not..Sebastian..I-I wa..want you too..k..kill me.."
The words shot pain through Sebastian's heart like an arrow, No..He couldn't do it..He can't! "I-I..can't do you.." He stammered, whispering with pain in his voice. Ciel smiled, painfully, "W-Won't it..b-be better if I left..?" He then asked.
The word sent another pain through the demon's heart, a feeling demon's should never have, especially not for a mere human. He cuffed the boy's cheeks in his hands. "I..I love you..too much to do that.." He whispered. Ciel looked away, not daring to look at him. "L..Lies.." He whispered.
Sebastian shook his head, "I-Its not lies..It was never lies..!" He then raised his voice, "It was never a lie, Ciel!" He then pulled him into another hug, tears now falling down his face. Demons were not suppose to love..they were not suppose to have emotions like humans do..yet..this boy changed this much..
Ciel gasped, his eyes wide in shock, Sebastian was hugging him so tightly, he didn't want to let this boy go. "S..Sebas..t..ian..?" Ciel slowly said the demon's name. Sebastian closed his eyes against the hug, loving the warmth of the boy.
"I-I.." Ciel couldn't think of anything to say, he slowly hugged back, now starting to cry more now, into the butler's shoulder. "I-I'm sorry I..!"
Sebastian hugged him a little more softly now, Ciel unhugged him, he looked into Sebastian's blood wine red eyes. He placed his small hand onto Sebastian's cheek were he had smacked, "I-I..I'm sorry.." He then said once more.
Sebastian placed one of his gloved hands onto the small hand, "Its okay..Though..your words hurt more.." He whispered, Ciel grabbed the butler's hand softly, taking off his glove. He kissed the hand which had the contract that bounded the two in the first place.
Sebastian's eyes widen slightly, "I-I'll..." Ciel then hugged the butler once again, digging his head into his neck, " you.." He then whispered. Sebastian smirked softly, "I love you too.."

Just writing this made me want to cry ;-;
XD Yes I am aware I putted no kissing but only hugging but hey,
if you want kissing go read my other Sebastian x Ciel fanfiction owo or see my colored manga. I go some hurr~ ones~~
This is suppose to be a soft yaoi, only hugging but also a 'i love you' in it.

The storyline is basically Ciel is heartbroken and things Sebastian lied to him about something that happened with Grell. and Sebastian feels hurt that Ciel didn't trust him. Though the two really still love each other, even though its Ciel the one who seems like he hates Sebastian, the whole time he still loved him and was wishing this all didn't happen.

Kuroshitsuji belongs to Yana Toboso
Fanfiction idea by :iconwarriorcatsfanwcf:Me~~~
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homestuck4lifeee1 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015
I love all your SebastianxCiel stories!! They're so amazing!
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Aww I'm glad you liked it :heart:
I have a few more fanfictions I'm currently working on at the moment c: So..
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Moar QAQ I wanna feel sad yet haopy again this made me feel complete
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Aww, glad you liked it ~
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O: This is like excatly like me and my friends RP....awesome!! i loved it c:
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Aww so sad! But cute!
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