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November 19, 2012
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Ciel stood in front of Sebastian, he had a painful smile on his face as he looked at his butler. "Young master, What is it you needed?" Sebastian asked with his normal tone, though his blood wine eyes were slightly worried.
Ciel sighed deeply, the smile still curved onto his lips, "Sebastian.." he began, his voice having completely no emotion in it as he spoke to the butler, "..What would you do..If I ordered you to kill me?"
Sebastian's eyes widened, looking at the young earl in disbelief. "Y-Young..Master?" He stammered, "W..Why would you even ask such things..?" Ciel looked away from his butler's face, a shot of pain hitting his heart. "Its..nothing.." He whispered softly now, his voice now slightly hoarse.
Sebastian walked over to him, kneeling down in front of him. "My lord..I can not do that..Plus the contract..I am suppose to protect you until you have gotten your revenge.." He told him.
Ciel still did not look at Sebastian, his fist was tightened in a ball, his eye patch in it. "W..What if you took my I was dying..?" He asked, his voice low and quiet now. Sebastian sighed deeply, that could work...
"My lord..Why would you want me to do such a thing? Please tell me honestly, young master.." He whispered, placing on of his gloved hands on the boy's hand. Ciel flinched slightly, now narrowing his eyes to look at him.
"Y..You would laugh.." He whispered. Sebastian shook his head, "I would not laugh, my lord.."
Ciel closed his eyes, his teeth baring in pain, "I-If you want to know..I..well...l.." He couldn't get the words out..
Sebastian could slightly guess what he was saying, he pulled on the boy's arm, embracing him into a hug. Ciel gasped in surprise, the eye patch that was in his hand, fell to the ground next to him. The butler's
hug was slightly tight. Ciel didn't push him away, and he was too surprised to hug back..
Sebastian's eyes were closed softly in the hug, "My lord..Ciel..I can guess what you are trying to say.."
He whispered softly. Ciel gasped in surprise hearing Sebastian call him by his real name. Though..It made
him feel actually slightly..Happy?
The young earl slowly hugged back, "Y..You do..?" He finally asked after a long moment of silence.
Sebastian nodded, suddenly moving his hand's up to the boy's cheeks, lifting his face up to look at him
in the eyes. "I do." He whispered, and softly kissed him.
Ciel's eyes widen even more feeling the butlers lips against his, he slowly kissed him back, his eyes
closing against the kiss. It was soft kiss, but he didn't care. The butler's hands rested softly on
the boy's waist, and Ciel had his arms wrapped around his strong neck.
After the kiss Ciel cuddled him, blushing brightly, "I..I'm..glad.." He admitted, slowly. A slight, sweet
smile was curled on his lips.
Sebastian smirked, brushing Ciel's navy blue hair softly, "I am as well..My lord." He whispered. Ciel
closed his eyes, but only halfway, frowning slightly. "..Ciel..Call me Ciel..When we are alone.." He
whispered back. Sebastian nodded, "Ciel." He purred the boy's name.
Ciel smiled once again, closing his eyes completely now. "" Sebastian
was slightly surprised by this, but he just now grinned, "I love you too, Ciel."
He then continued to softly stroke Ciel's hair. After a few minutes, Ciel whispered, "I'm tired,
Sebastian.." Sebastian picked him up(Bridal style 8D), kissing his forehead softly. "Would you like a
bath now, or in the morning then, Ciel?" He asked. Ciel snuggled his head into his chest, "..In the
morning.." "Very well."
Sebastian carried the sleepy boy into his room, changing him into his night clothes, and then softly
tugging him into bed. "Sleep well, Ciel." He whispered, and gave him a peck on the lips. The butler
started to walk away, only to have Ciel to grab the sleeve of his jacket.
He looked over his shoulder at him, seeing there was a bright blush on his face, "S-Sleep here tonight.."
He stammered. Sebastian smirked, and got into the bed next to him. Ciel cuddled with him, closing his
eyes now, smiling softly. "Goodnight, Sebastian.." He whispered, sleepily. Sebastian softly stroked his
hair, "Goodnight, Ciel."
So yeah me and :iconwolf-of--twilight: were kinda doing a RP of this, expect not this yaoi, we did it more like of a father/son thing... *ahem*
Well this actually came from the idea of a facebook picture - [link]
:3 Hope you all like it~ <3
Kuroshitsuji (c) Yana Toboso
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